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My Top 10 Films of 2010

Now that I’ve seen all the films from the past year that I had really hoped to, here is my Top 10 of 2010. There is no fancy scientific process behind this. I simply rank the films I liked the best.

  1. The Social Network
    Factually accurate? Hells no. A stunning dissection of how people communicate now and how the world’s changed? Hells yes.
  2. The King’s Speech
    I’m a mark for British royal history and totally dug this. Great performances by Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter.
  3. Inception
    The most visually-stunning, mind-boggling movie of the year. Very, very ambitious filmmaking.
  4. True Grit
    A brilliant adaptation of the book and a tremendous Western.
  5. The Fighter
    The story is fairly by-the-numbers sports, but the account of Micky Ward’s life is gripping.
  6. Toy Story 3
    A cartoon made people cry. Because it was Pixar and the story was great.
  7. Winter’s Bone
    It didn’t get the attention it deserved, but Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was fantastic.
  8. Love and Other Drugs
    Likely the most underrated film of 2010. Underneath the sex jokes and nudity lay a wonderfully heart-felt core.
  9. The Town
    Ben Affleck is suddenly a big-time director.
  10. Shutter Island
    Scorsese screwing around for the fun of it results in a cool thriller.

Honorable Mentions: The Kids Are All Right, How To Train Your Dragon, Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

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