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Press Boxes are Awesome

Generally-speaking, if you want a good idea how bloody FAST the game of hockey is, you should sit up close. It’s immediately evident that these are BIG DUDES and they’re moving REALLY REALLY FAST.

If you want to see plays develop and evaluate how good guys are in certain situations? Sitting high up in the corners or in the press box is usually the best. I love sitting in the upper areas of the 200-level of the Saddledome usually. Heck, the Press Level Seating is really good if you can deal with being so far up.

This week I got the opportunity to take in a couple games in the press box of the Saddledome. It’s always a ton of fun, both as a fan of the game and as someone who’s aspiring to cover it on a professional basis. Having sat in both, the Press Level of the Saddledome (e.g., the 300s) is slightly worse seating than the press box, but not by much. Both given you a really good perspective of how plays are developing and how players are moving positionally on the ice.

But yeah, press boxes are awesome.


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